Injection moulding processing earlier initiated with small HAND mold machines. Those were completely manual, involved intensive labor and offered low quality products as there was NO or minimal control over Pressure (human bound) and Temperature (varying), both of which forms the basis of modern Injection moulding processing.

Dave Technical Service took special efforts to develop compact yet efficient  Semi-auto vertical Injection moulding machine model suitable to run HAND Moulds. The Machine developed with intention of providing opportunity to all Hand moulding units to upgrade to automation and avail quality production.

Model: DV 40

Shot Weight: 40 grams

DV 40 model serves as direct replacement for conventional (now outdated) HAND moulding machine eliminating vigorous tiring manual labor, poor part quality with Rejections involved.

DV 40 model serves as direct replacement for conventional (now outdated) HAND moulding machine eliminating vigorous tiring manual labor, poor part quality with rejections involved. 

DV 40 is a vertical Plunger / Ram type injection machine working on Hydraulics, Direct locking (clamp) for moulds and has automatic material hopper to drops pre-set amount of material in the barrel after each cycle. Machine is controlled by control panel that comprises of temperature controller, timers for precise parameter controls and offers Semi auto (single cycle) and manual operation (push button) options. The setting for Injection pressure, time, clamping pressure, cooling time is available on machine to suit product and material processed.

NOTE: Same model also available in SCREW TYPE MODEL for Homogeneous mixing of plastic. Machine offers following features:can als


  • Compact design – more machines in small space
  • Simple operations, short set-up time
  • Lower energy consumption – Hourly ~ 2.5 units
  • Easy mould changes and machine set up
  • Existing HAND moulds can be used too
  • Offers Convenience, Safety, Better Quality and higher production
  • Single and 3 phase operating models available
  • Automatic hopper for material flow in barrel
  • Improves production rate with consistent part quality (at par with other machine in use)
  • Low initial investment (affordable Price) and working capital, Faster Break-Even
  • Insert moulding application (over-moulding of inserted parts) possible
 Machine can process materials like LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, Polypropylene, PVC, Nylon, ABS, HIPS, PBT, EVA and others


  • Commercial production of small to medium plastic parts / components
  • Training in Engineering colleges / Institutes and polytechnics
  • Colour Chip moulding of master batch / pigments for testing and catalogs making
  • Testing Labs (ASTM / ISO specimen moulding) and prototyping centers
  • Skill development centers / ITI, Incubation and women welfare centers
  • Entrepreneurs, Rural Industry development and employment generation

Products Produced:

  • Encapsulated electronic devices and electrical components like 3/2 pin plugs, cable moulding, USB moulding, automotive components, Medical devices as needle hubs, Pharma & dental products, furniture components, plastic buttons, hair clips, charger, industrial components, small parts of appliances, caps, closure, Handles for knives, screw drivers others, Knobs for appliances, controls, tea strainer, Threaded fasteners and many others