Injection moulding process is a process of producing solid plastic products like caps, buttons, spoon, socket,furniture, others.

DTS offers for the first time in India Single phase operating Injection moulding offering following features:

Model: DS 40

Shot Weight: 40 grams


  • Fully Automatic
  • Compact for space saving
  • Sturdy, robust construction
  • Single phase operation, can be installed in office, lab, rural and non-industrial area
  • Utilize very less power (~ 4 UNIT/ HOUR) and other resources
  • Shot weight of 40 grams
  • Low maintenance
  • Latest PLC controls for precision (control panel option available)
  • Simple and user friendly operations – No need for high skilled workers
  • Match speed and quality of general big machines in market
  • Process materials like LD, HD, PP, ABS, HIPS, EVA, Nylon, Polyacetal, Engineering polymers and compounds, blends and others

Safety Features:

  • Emergency STOP
  • Safety Guards which STOPS all operation when OPEN
  • Avoid Cold screw start for screw safety

Products that can be made: Caps and Closures, plugs, automotive components, Medical disposable, devices parts, Pharma & dental products, household products, plastic buttons, lids, containers, electrical & Electronics parts, industrial components, small parts of appliances / equipment’s and many others.


  • Commercial production of small to medium plastic parts / components
  • Training in Engineering colleges / Institutes and polytechnics
  • Colour Chip moulding of master batch / pigments for testing and catalogs making
  • Testing Labs (ASTM / ISO specimen moulding) and prototyping centers
  • Skill development centers / ITI, Incubation and women welfare centers
  • Entrepreneurs, Rural Industry development and employment generation


  • Production of small plastic components, caps and other parts with low resource requirements
  • Upgrade existing HAND MOUDLERS to automation, efficiency and higher income slab
  • Produce small components on small set up providing low production cost and profitability (Output of 3-6 LAKH PIECES / MONTH or even more (varies with product & mould cavity nos)
  • Micro Industry development – Suitable for working in urban as well as in Rural Areas
  • Offers sustainable project for entrepreneurs at very low initial investment and working capital
  • Aids Rural industry development, Employment generation and power saving for the nation
  • Price fits Government policies for MSME development and aids for economic growth of the nation, poverty eradication programs