We, at Dave Technical Service offers wide range of Horizontal Injection moulding machine models to cater to wide range of plastic products markets from Toys to Automobiles, Electrical, Electronics, Household and Kitchen wares, many others ,as per our customers application and quantity requirements. 

We offer machines for quality production, efficiency, reliability and cost effective Solutions for your production requirements. 

 Main variables in Plastic industry are Power, labour and Plastic materials, where last two are beyond manufacturers control we strive to offer power efficient machines to our customers for economical working and profitability. 

We also offer to develop your products and moulds as per your design/sample or concept. 

Model: DHI  50 / DHI  110 / DHI 160 / DHI 200 / DHI 250

Shot Weight: 80 – 2000 gram


Choosing the correct Injection Moulding machine is crucial for any manufacturing facility. We try to provide you an idea about scientific plastic molding machine selection process for your reference:

Let us take a example of customer requiring to produce Toy part of say 4″ L x 2 ” W x 1″ Ht made out of ABS plastic material weighing 9 grams. Further customer needs 1 Million (10 Lakhs) pieces per month working 3 shifts i.e. 24 hours and need a Moulding machine to cater to his requirements.

Now first step is to determine product mould and the Number of Cavities required to satisfy our required monthly quantities. So lets say we go for 6 cavity mould for above product dimensions. With 6 cavity mould and conservative production output of 4 shots per minute we will be able to produce 24 piece/ minute,  that will be 1440 piece / hour and 31680 piece/day (considered effective production time of 22 hours though one can achieve 24 hours output). Thus we have 823680 piece per month (26 days working) which will not cover our required pieces per month of 10 Lakh. 

So we try with 8 cavity mould with same above conservative calculations which will offer us 32 piece/ minute, means 1920 piece/ hour and 42240 per day. this will be 1098240 piece/month and will satisfy the requirements. 

Now that Mould cavities are decided next step is to work upon mould design for your product for its shape and conclude its final size L X W x Thickness (height). Also from No. of cavities which is 8 and per piece weight of 9 grams you know it requires 72 grams of plastic material to fill all cavities. Add for Sprue, Runners and gates as available form mould design, here we consider it to be say 10 grams. Your Shot weight is 82 grams that is required for each shot or cycle to fill moud and produce the parts.

Having above Mold Size and Shot Weight we can chose the Injection moulding machine model that would have Shot weight of around 110-120 grams and has enough space to accommodate mould i.e Tie bar distance and enough space for part to eject after mould opens i.e Daylight of machine. This way you utilize just the right size of machine consuming optimum power and offering lowest cost of production. 

This is general and simple way to choose RIGHT Injection molding machine for your production requirements though there are variables and options like we can Hot runner mould where the material is saved, pressure drops and one can use a smaller size machine too, others.

We at DAVE TECHNICAL SERVICE are always available to help you to choose the correct machine model for your applications and ensure economical cost effective production of your plastic parts. 

Do share your Product details – Dimensions, weight, Plastic material of make, quantities required per hour / day and we would work out optimum  mould cavities and offer you the best suitable machine model for economical working and profitability.

However do always remember the fact that YOUR PRODUCT WILL DECIDES THE MACHINE – based on its size, weight, material of make and quantities required.

Features offered:

  • Fully Automatic with semi microprocessor controls 
  • Robust heavy construction for longer service life
  • High performance & Low maintenance
  • Nitrided Steel Screw & Barrel/ Bimetallic Screws / Special Coated Screws 
  • Option of High / Low / Medium pressure screws
  • Power saving models in VDP and SERVO systems 
  • High Torque Hydraulic Motor for screw drive
  • Super Toggle clamping system
  • Platens in Steel/Casting materials 
  • ‘T’ slots along with additional tapped holes
  • Max. Tie bar distance with maximum daylight
  • Safety features for Machine & Operator Safety

Safety Features:

  • Emergency STOP
  • Cold Screw start Prevention
  • All moving parts covered
  • Safety Guards which STOPS all operation when OPEN
  • Additional Mechanical door lock that allow machine operation only if closed

Process materials like LD, HD, PP, ABS, HIPS, EVA, Nylon, Polyacetal, Polycarbonate, TPE and others injection moulding grade plastic materials.


  • Commercial production of small to medium and heavy plastic parts for 
  • Toys Parts
  • House & Kitchen ware 
  • Electrical & electronics
  • Writing instruments
  • Industrial components 
  • Medical parts 
  • Thin wall containers
Also Suitable for 
  • Training in Engineering colleges / Institutes and polytechnics
  • Colour Chip moulding of master batch / pigments for testing and catalogs making
  • Testing Labs (ASTM / ISO specimen moulding) and prototyping centers
  • Skill development centers / ITI, Incubation and women welfare centers

Optional Features: 

  • Hopper Dryer
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Auto Loader
  • Bimetal / Special Screw & Barrel
  • Cooling Tower / Chiller
  • Robotics and automation