We at Dave Technical Service offers our Enhanced (EN) Series of  Vertical Injection moulding machines models to cater to our customers application and quantity requirements. 

EN series Vertical Molding machines offer higher clamping tonnage, heavy body construction, higher Injection pressure for low thickness plastic parts and machine controls over semi micro-processer including injection & clamping pressure settings, 

We also offer to develop your products and moulds as per your design/sample or concept. 

Model: DVS 80 / DVS 100 / DVS 120 / DVS 150 / DVS 200

Shot Weight: 80 – 200 gram

 Clamping unit: Super Toggle (5 point)

 Vertical Injection moulding machines processing is all about PRESSURE and TEMPERATURE

PRESSURE covers Injection and Clamping pressure. Injection Pressure is pressure at which the heated plastic material is forced into the mould

Clamping pressure is that pressure which is applied to keep the mould closed during entire injection moulding cycle. Clamping pressure of machine should always be higher than the Injection pressure at which material is filled into the mold.

Injection pressure required varies with the type of Plastic material (polymer) being processed like Polypropylene, ABS, Polyacetal, Polycarbonate, Nylon (PA 6,6.6). It is also dependent on plastic material melt viscosity, machine screw design and processing temperature.

Temperature too plays very important role. All plastic materials be processed well above their melting point, as per manufacturers recommendations in polymer technical data sheet. Processing plastic below their Melting point will result in low Melt viscosity and so higher Injection pressures will be required to fill the mould. resulting moulded parts will have surface irregularities, flow marks , other issues. Processing at very high temperatures above melting point will result in plastic material degradation and final part will be brittle (low strength), may have burn marks, black spots, flash and other issues.

Thus its is very important to have very close control over these two parameters during injection moulding process. It is equally important to choose the correct Moulding machine with required shot weight and clamping tonnage. Injection screw in required diameter for high/medium/low pressure filling and its design be suitable for the required plastic material to be processed.

We at DAVE TECHNICAL SERVICE help you to choose the correct machine model for your applications and ensure economical cost effective production of your plastic parts. 

Do share your Product details – Dimensions, weight, Plastic material of make, quantities required per hour / day and we would work out optimum  mould cavities and offer you the best suitable machine model for economical working and profitability.


  • Fully Automatic with semi microprocessor controls 
  • Robust heavy construction for longer service life
  • Easy to operate
  • High performance & Low maintenance
  • Nitrided Steel Screw & Barrel
  • Option of High / Low / Medium pressure screws
  • High Torque Hydraulic Motor for screw drive
  • Super Toggle clamping system
  • Max. Tie bar distance with maximum daylight
  • Suck back with screw retraction speed control for homogenous mixing of plastic material
  • Safety features for Machine & Operator Safety

Safety Features:

  • Emergency STOP
  • Cold Screw start Prevention
  • All moving parts covered
  • Safety Guards which STOPS all operation when OPEN

Process materials like LD, HD, PP, ABS, HIPS, EVA, Nylon, Polyacetal, Polycarbonate and others injection moulding grade plastic materials.

Products that can be made: Caps and Closures, plugs, automotive components, Medical disposable, devices parts, Pharma & dental products, household products, plastic buttons, lids, containers, electrical & Electronics parts, industrial components, small parts of appliances / equipment’s and many others.


  • Commercial production of medium to heavy plastic parts / components
  • Training in Engineering colleges / Institutes and polytechnics
  • Colour Chip moulding of master batch / pigments for testing and catalogs making
  • Testing Labs (ASTM / ISO specimen moulding) and prototyping centers
  • Skill development centers / ITI, Incubation and women welfare centers

Optional Features: 

  • Hydraulic Shutoff Nozzle
  • Hopper Dryer
  • Auto Loader
  • Bimetal / Special Screw & Barrel
  • Cooling Tower / Chiller