Fully Automatic, Single phase operating compact Blow molding machine 

Mini Blow molding machine model is Winner of PLASTICON Awards from PLASTINDIA FOUNDATION & Received Recognition of Excellence from IPMMI.

DI 100 Machine offers precision Bow moulded products with volumes from 0.5 ml and can achieve weight as low as 0.5 gms and thickness to 0.2 mm. 

Model: DI 100 

Capacity: 0.5 ml – 100 mls

Mini Blow Moulding Machine provides for excellent product quality, fast production and reliability at low inputs with flexibility to produce wide product range catering to various industry requirements by just changing molds as required on same set up. 

The Mini Blow machine has been widely accepted and become choice for small blown products in production houses as it offers fast production at reasonably low power consumption and requires very small (least) space than any machine available in the industry.

The mini plastic Blow moulding machine model is very simple to operate; user friendly (eliminates high skilled operators) and yet economical providing good profitability and early break-even to the customers. The recurring working capital and resources are lowest

 Mini Blow has also been a preferred choice of many designers and product developers worldwide.

The Mini machine model offers all efficiency, convenience and profitability with ease of production & benefit of low initial investment and recurring working capital. 

Blow Moulding Process is a process of producing plastic hollow plastic products like bottles, containers and Blow moulding grade plastic material having low Melt Flow Index (MFI between 0.3 -4 ) is required for the same.


  • Single phase Power operation
  • Fully Pneumatic – Operates on compressed air – No MOTOR in Machine
  • Fully Automatic (Auto/Semi/Manual cycle option)
  • Power consumption of ~ 1 to 1.5 units / hour – Substantial Power savings 
  • Simple operation yet precise controls with quality output
  • Produce blown products from 0.5 ml, achieve weight of 1/2 grams and thickness up to 0.2 mm
  • Production Output: 4 – 6 bottles per minute (variables being weight & length of product)
  • Compact Design (Space saving) & Robust construction
  • Variable product weight adjustment in Head
  • Quick mold changes
  • Affordable price with very Low working capital requirements
  • Option of PLC controls available
  • Universal Platens to accommodate bigger moulds

Safety Features:

  • Emergency STOP
  • Safety Guards which STOPS all operation when OPEN


  • Commercial production of small to medium blown plastic parts / components
  • Critical Blow moulded products like droppers, pipettes, diagnostics reagent bottle, bellows having flexible or rigid actions, medical components, toy parts, telescopic boxes, ice cubes, float balls, tools handle, others. 
  • General blow molded products like Bottles, Containers, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics packs, glue, shampoo bottle, tubes and other packaging application


  • Ideal for Training in Engineering colleges / Institutes and polytechnics
  • Prototyping and Product development labs
  • Skill development centers, Self Help groups
  • Incubation & Industrial Training Centers (ITI)
  • Entrepreneurs START UP Project
  • Rural Industry Development and Employment Generation


  • Very Low power consumption – least in the industry
  • Complete Machine operation on Air pressure
  • Offers decent production with very low cost of production
  • Single phase operation offers flexibility to install in Non-industrial zones & Rural areas
  • Simple operations eliminates very skilled labour requirements
  • Flexibility to cater to different industries / sector requirements from same machine
  • Best suitable for production of small products not feasible on general big machines
  • Ideal for Entrepreneurs, promoting Self Employment and support Poverty Eradication
  • Encourages self-employment & industry development
  • Price in accordance with Government schemes for new start-ups, industry development